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The hardware consists of a lockable wall-mounted tool cabinet. Opened it creates a compact workshop environment with most of what is needed to perform basic DIY-maintenance and repair of bicycles.


The cabinet keeps panels and boxes with the necessary tools; wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers, but also all necessary special tools for bicycles. All ordinary repairs and service can be carried out. 

In addition there is a small work bench, a rich set and a mobile repair stand to hang up the bike for service. Place of oil, grease, sponges and cloths. The cabinets are designed and equipped by Cykelköket Malmö.




The installation and training will be performed by local mechanics. The program is specially designed for MyBikeKitchen. Training can be tailored as necessary but comprises in its fundamental embodiment of a series of workshops.

 - A fundamental review of the bike, its parts and functions.


 - Workshop and tools. How do they work and how to take care to them.


 - Maintenance and repair. We review the most common errors and practice in how to fix them.


 - How to run an MyBikeKitchen. We look at alternative bicycle repair shops in the world, let us be inspired by them, and discuss how our particular workshop will be run; how do we work with volunteers, how do we market ourselves, opening hours, membership fees ETC.


 - Revisit and feed back. When you establishes a Mybikekitchen you will always have access to training, support and feedback.






Instead of the classic manuals, MyBikeKitchens manuals are linked to  instructional videos on the internet . The base set comes with QR-codes on stickers to attach to the cabinet interior walls. Each code connects the user's smartphone, computer or tablet to an existing video showing exactly how to perform a specific repair or service. 


MyBikeKitchen will regularly publish new QR codes on the website. For workshop managers to print out and complete the basic set. 


On mybikekitchen.se, users can post links to their own films and generate unique QR-codes to these. MyBikeKitchen can choose to bring these into the joint library of QR-hand books to be used in other workshops. This way MyBikeKitchen-owners can created an educational knowledge base that meet their needs in terms of levels, language etc.